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ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt Malaysia 2015: Press Conference & Flag Off

Today I am glad that I am able to attend the Press Conference & Flag Off at Saloma Bistro, Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), Kuala Lumpur by Dato' Mirza Mohamad Taiyab (Director General of Tourism Malaysia), Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz (Minister of Tourism and Culture).

Tourism Malaysia organised the ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015 from 16 to 21 Oct to promote Malaysia to regional travelers and to encourage visitors to explore Malaysia by road trips.

Forty media and bloggers from all 10 ASEAN countries took part in the Tourism Hunt, the concept of the treasure hunt is "Fun and Enjoyable Drive to Experience Malaysia".

Proton provided 25 cars for the event for 3 days taking the media and bloggers from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya, Port Dickson, and Malacca.

Thank you Emily for inviting me to attend the ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015 Press Conference & Flag Off.

My next plan is to have a road trip, no matter solo, with friends or family, it wil…

Food Review: Der Backmeister

Welcome to DerBackmeister!!!Artisan German Bakery and Coffee Shop that serves traditional type of healthy bread.

I have never been to a bakery that serve acidity coffees, delicious meals that allows you to choose types of bread, meat slices and mustard/ game by yourself. So, what's special about this bakery shop? They bake their breads in the shop daily, and I mean every morning since 3am. They never keep their bread for the next day.

One of the reason I love this shop is their vintage feel of environments here. Once I stepped into Der Backmeister, the atmosphere here tells me they are nothing similar as any other cafe, you have to visit here by yourself to experience it only then you will able to tell me how you feel about this unique bakery type coffee shop. Oh, not to mention their services here, you will need to self-order at the counter, first thing you will know is greet by their friendly staff and warming conversations. You could even get their recommendations for your meals…

Product Review: Bath Pops

By Bath Pops  name itself, what do you think of?
Something related to bath? Pops? Bubbles?
I believe 90% of people do not own a bathtub at home, but you may bring them during your relaxing vacation or sweet honeymoon at the resort or hotel. There is a secret way of using this Bath Pops, you may also put it in a bucket with water and shower.
Bath Pops is also suitable for kids, children love Bath Pops because bath time is their best time of the day.

Bath Pops puts the fun back into bathtime

All are made with pure essential oil

 Yellow Lemon Grass & Dried Rosemary
 Blue Peppermint & Dried Lavender

Small 10 pieces RM129.90 *Small size only sells in the bundle

Large 1 piece RM21.90 10 pieces RM159.90

Food: Village House Kopitiam Authentic Kelantan Delights

Great news for those who are staying in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur! If you are a Kelantanese Delights lovers, you don't need to scratch your head where to find those authentic Kelantan delights for your taste buds.

1. Why?
Visit Village House Kopitiam at Casa Tropicana.

2. Do not know how to get there?
Turn on Waze on your mobile and search for Village House Kopitiam, you will see direction as below:

I love the way how they keep the Kopitiam simple and clean, it's a nice place for people to hang out with friends and family. This Kopitiam is built up with the people of Kelantan, the shop is full with Kelantan dialect. This made me feel like I am back to my hometown. Yes! I am a Kelantanese too, proud to be one :)

The owner of the shop had recommended some of the famous food in their shop such as Kelantan style of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kak Wok, and Nasi Kerabu with the choices to add on yummy tasty Ayam Percik. 

Ayam Percik (Whole Leg) RM10.90 Ayam Percik is 1 of the my favorite, …

Product 1 Review: Natta Cosme Happy Bath Purifying Yuan Soap

Are you a soap lover like me? If yes, Yuan Soap is one of the choices you may look into. Yuan soap recognizes different skin types and uses "nature" as a basis in finding the right natural compositions in flowers, plants, roots, leaves, stems and creating soaps to suit specific needs. They categorize these soaps into 5 series:

1. Sacrifice: Flower Series (舍得花)

Smoothens and moisturizes. Deep hydrating ingredients purify your skin, mind and spirit. 安抚润泽, 深层保湿,心灵跟着皮肤一起澄静。2. Compassion: Herb Series (慈悲草)

Cleanses and refreshes your skin. Wakes your sense through various plants and herbs, nourishing your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy. 洁静清爽,肌肤健康的种种需求,百草为师,游刃有余。3. Faith: Seed Series (希望仁)
Harsh environments are inevitable nowadays, that's why we need gentle seed oil to nourish and soothe sensitive skins. 对外界环境,肌肤有那么多需要适应的地方,温和滋养的种子油可以呵护为伴。4. Strength: Tree Series (勇敢树) Plants and herbs from these soaps release soothing aroma to calm stressed, tired skin, while tree …