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How do I notice this salon?
I have 3 hairstyles in my list, that I will always look for, Malcolm is 1 of them, I use to let Malcolm cut/style my hair, and I still believe his talent and skill, so today I came to visit him.

Yes, I know it may look simple and to you,
you may think it's just a normal short hair, am I right?

Yes ~ Its short hair, but I have 3 hair whorls on my head, and 2 are around the edge of my neck, (Yes ~ I know I am a very playful person ^_^ Chinese do believe that child or people who own more than 1 hair whorl, is a naughty or playful person.) It will look ugly when my hair is transformed from short hair to middle length hair.

Malcolm knows that's one of my concerns, but with this outcome, he cut it straight with some layers, without needing to shave, I love it so much, not only me, my friends, colleagues and even aunties love this hairstyle. Can you see it? Display on the image below, sorry for not having a clear image on it.

Currently, they are having New Opening Promotions, such as haircut, coloring, rebounding/ digital perm, hair treatments, check the prices below:

*Available for package
* With No GST

For more inquiries, you may contact them below:

Malcolm 012 655 9450

Kelvin 013 485 2628

No.25-G, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/4A,
Putra Height, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor.