Donutes Coffee & Bakery: Angel's Heart Cake

18 July 2015:

2 days ago I bought and reserved this cake from Donutes, looks beautiful am I right? The name itself sounds beautiful, it's name Angel's Heart 天使心Love how this cake looks, it looks like a bouquet of flowers, so lovely. From the 1st glance, I am in love with the cake, I bought it for my mother as her birthday cake.

She is my mentor; she is brave, strong, independences women, acknowledge both of us, my elder brother and I into what the person we are today by herself. She always reminds us,"Never say die, always say try", "Never judge others weakness, learn or observe how strong they are", "Never blame others", all these are very important keywords and I am still remembering them, and also share them to my friends; she is also my guardian angel, who love me so much. I love you mom ~!!!

Forrest Berry Filling + Vanilla Pudding

ovo-lacto vegetarian 蛋奶素

Everyone loves this cake, it tastes just nice, not too sweet, not too creamy. Most importantly, my mom loves it ^_^

Photo of my mom and her granddaughter, Carmen Wee

Do you need a meal to go with that dessert? Check out Le Bistro 33, a French and Italian Restaurant that's a 15 minute drive away! Have a look at my blog post about it here.


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