Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

17 June 2015:

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Amante mean's loving or lover, it's all about love. It's very important for us to learn about how to love, or pamper ourselves. Especially we are working on this generation now, the environment is so stressful, too many issues happening in a day, we might get depressed, sad, or sick easily. Most importantly, you can hear it from people, almost everyday, they are mentioned on, they do not have time to rest, no time for exercise, it's expensive to pay for a gym and etc. Why not starting with giving yourself a break, relax yourself to enjoy a massage section? Massage it's not too costly, massage is rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain, it's helped with your health, and at the same time, you can take that opportunity to have a nap. What are you waiting for? 
Besides, Amante not only provide massage treatments, they do have nail care, skin care, hair removal waxing, and eyelash packages.

18 June 2015:

Today I got the chance to try on their Jojoba Back Message for 30 minutes, Jojoba Massage is a Malay traditional massage and the massage it's really comfortable, I almost want to fall asleep, but of course there are few parts I felt painful when she massages my left shoulder, due to tired and stress eyes facing computer/ laptop for too long hours, but when it's done, it make me feel like I want more !

~ Amante it's the best choice ever!! ~

You may check the price list as below:

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You May also check on their updated promotions at the link below:

You may visit their website/ blog at to get more information on their outlets list, locations, working hours, contact numbers & etc.


  1. i face nail problems in the past. I recognize your be aware and can hold out once you as suggested respectfully. best massage chair

  2. Such a lovely place, I want to surprise my wife and provide her all spa procedures for the whole day. Follow the link if you also want to make such present for your soulmate.

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  4. Such a lovely place, I want to surprise my sister and provide her all spa procedures for the whole day. It will be great.

  5. Oh, this flower gives the website the elegant flair. Thank you for the article given. Good luck!

  6. The point is located between the nails of the little and ring finger, in a form of a small dent between the bones. erotic massage prague


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