LUG LEGO® Private Event 2015 @ myBurgerLab, Bandar Sunway

24 May 2015:

Wait~ What am I doing here? It's a Lego Private Event

What they do here is you may make a donation or more, per donate is RM30 and money will go to children's charity, and per donation, you are entitled to order a set of meal at myBurgerLab for free, redeem it on the spot.

Get yourself a seat and enjoy the event

They also displayed a few of Star Wars's Lego, you may take a look at it, do allowed to touch but not allowed to break (Eeee~ hehehe, so it's better not to touch) took photos of them (that's for sure) study how to build them,or admire how they can own these crazy awesome stuffs...LOL

I found something really cool!!! They painted Star Wars's banner on the wall.

You are allowed to build love shape using red Lego bricks, they do prepare the guide on how to build it, so you can just follow the instruction to build it, once it's done, you may write your name on it, and you may build more than 1.

There was a kid who is so creative, he builder loves with his own way. Take a look at 2 photos at the bottom.

They do have 3 lucky draw sections, and best Cosplay custom contest too. Everyone was so excited and happy when we heard "All of you will receive freebies, no matter you do or don't receive lucky draw prizes, all you need is to queue for it." These even  it's not only you can feel the joy of fun, you get to social around, and make a donation.

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