Beauty Workshop: CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop 2015

30 May 2015:

CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop 2015

At Connexion@Nexus Bangsar South

Today I attended a very exciting workshop provided by CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop. I am so glad that I have a chance to meet the speaker, Megumi Mitsui.

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Who is she?

Megumi Mitsui, Za's Global Trainer, based in the Shiseido headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. She started off her profession as a beautician in the year 1999. She has always been passionate and actively involved in the beauty line. With her gifted skills, and keen interest in the beauty industry, Megumi always looks forward to helping others to look beautiful in their day-to-day routine. Being in the beauty industry for almost 16 years, she is now actively conducting a wide range of workshops, and training programs across countries like China, Thailand, and India. It is through these beauty seminars that she is more inspired to uplift the image of the beauty industry by drawing upon all her knowledge and insights, and sharing it out with other people. In 2003, she was recognized with the Excellent Beauty Consultants Award; while in 2004, she participated in the Global Beauty Consultant Contest as a representative from Osaka region.

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Za Products

Do you use the correct skin care routine? If you are not sure, let's check it out :) If you are using the wrong method, no worries. I am here to share with you what's Megumi taught us about the correct way of skin care routine/ cleansing routine by using Za's products.

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Steps 01: MakeUp Removal
If you are on makeup, please remove your makeup with makeup remove.

The photo took from hellomagazine

For eye makeup removal:
  1. Use high quality cotton wool pads, which you should moisten slightly before putting a little makeup remover on them.
  2. Hold the cotton pad against the closed lid for about 15-30 seconds for each side, allowing the remover to gently dissolve away the remains of eye shadow and mascara.
  3. Don't rub your eyes! Use gentle movements, always towards the outer edge of the eye, above and below the lashes.

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Steps 02: Cleanser/ Face Wash
Use cleanser to wash your face

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Steps 03: Toner
Apply Toner on the cotton and hold the cotton with the correct method
And refer image below for the gentle movement on applying the toner

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Steps 04: Mask
Put on a face mask for 15 - 30 minutes

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Steps 05: Sun Block/ Whitening Lotion
Apply Za True White Perfect Protector
(4-in-1 Multi Protector)

Apply it as the same gentle movements as toning movements

Done ^_^ For the skin care workshop

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Now we proceed to the makeup class

Za products are prepared at our table

Steps 06: Concealer
Apply concealer to cover your scars.

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Steps 07: Powder
Put on powder to even your face radiant tone.

Tada ~ !!!
It's like magic, my face looks glowing now and you hardly see my pimple scars.

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Steps 08: Blusher
Why do you need to apply blusher? Most of us are lazy to apply or skip this step, apply according to your face shape, it will help you look thinner.

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Steps 09:
Apply Eye Shadow - Choose your preferred color template

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Steps 10:
Apply eyeliner, it will make your eyes look bigger and more attractive


Went to the event with my friend Emily
Thank you Cleo & Za for preparing an awesome buffet for us after the workshop
We do enjoy it :)

Thank you for the goodie bag too ^_^
Love Za True White Perfect Protector
Lipsticks & the notebook