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Beauty Workshop: CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop 2015

30 May 2015:

CLEO&ZABeauty Workshop 2015At Connexion@Nexus Bangsar South

Today I attended a very exciting workshop provided by CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop. I am so glad that I have a chance to meet the speaker, Megumi Mitsui.

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Who is she?

Megumi Mitsui, Za's Global Trainer, based in the Shiseido headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. She started off her profession as a beautician in the year 1999. She has always been passionate and actively involved in the beauty line. With her gifted skills, and keen interest in the beauty industry, Megumi always looks forward to helping others to look beautiful in their day-to-day routine. Being in the beauty industry for almost 16 years, she is now actively conducting a wide range of workshops, and training programs across countries like China, Thailand, and India. It is through these beauty seminars that she is more inspired to uplift the image of the beauty industry by drawing upon all her knowledge and insights, and sharing it out…

Event: NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant

28 May 2015:

 NIVEA  Extra White & Firm Q10 DeodorantBe Fair. Be Firm. Be Fabulous Campaign Launch I believe, we females do care about our appearance of underarm, it is one of the reasons affecting women’s self-esteem. Women do use a few techniques to remove underarm hair, usually we use shave, and pluck. Most of these hair remover techniques do cause underarm becoming saggy, dull, losing its firmness, and smoothness; these do cause females lost part of their confidences, so do I.

Today I am glad to have this chance to attend NIVEA Be Fair. Be Firm. Be Fabulous Campaign Launch. First, I received some solutions to gain more confidences by making our underarm to be fair, and be firm by starting using NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant with 3 fabulous female celebrities sharing of their experiences of using NIVEA products. Secondly, I get a chance to meet our sweet, beautiful, and gorgeous 3 celebrities, who are they? They are Siti Saleha, Atilia Haron, and Carey Ng.

“No matter h…

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2015 (USJ 21) Main Place

27 May 2015:
Let me share this with you guys !
GUNDAM MODEL KIT CONTEST 2015Venue: MAIN PLACE MALL, USJ 21Date: 30th May - 7th June 2015

Of course, there will be not only the contest, there will be more activities.
1. New items on display     - You may look at how the new item by itself, not in illustration.
2. Gundam Model Kit 2015 contestants showcase
3. Take photos with Sengoku Astray Gundam!     - This is exciting, it's like meeting my idol, do you feel the same?

1. Gunpla Caravan Model Kit Workshop     - Don't miss this good opportunity to learn things in this workshop.
2. Take part in the Speed Building Contest! - If you think you are fast enough to challenge people. Come on!
    - If you have no confidence to win it, it's okay. Just have some fun, come and get some experience. 
3. Meet & Greet Gundam Cosplay And Gundam Image Girls!     - Come on! I know you love this section so much. As much as I do, I am excited about it too.

Special Buys/ Free Gifts: - E…

The Manhattan Fish Market (Best Deal In Town) May 2015

25th May 2015: The Manhattan Fish Market Best Deal In Town
7 Days only
18th - 22th May 2015
25th - 26th May 2015

Promotion Prices: RM6.99 (with GST RM7.41)
Normal Prices: 18.90

LUG LEGO® Private Event 2015 @ myBurgerLab, Bandar Sunway

24 May 2015:
Wait~ What am I doing here? It's a Lego Private Event Organized by LUG LEGO® USER GROUP OF MALAYSIA

What they do here is you may make a donation or more, per donate is RM30 and money will go to children's charity, and per donation, you are entitled to order a set of meal at