Selfie Coffee (Sunway)

23 April 2015:


By just looking at the cafe name, it's already making me feel interesting, and nowadays everyone loves to take selfie. What can this shop do more than just taking a selfie photo of yourself.

Oh well ~ This cafe is incredible, they do allow you to take a selfie on purchasing a selfie coffee, and applied it as your coffee topping, sounds amazing, right? Let's have a look.

Joanne <--- Me

After taking a sip of the coffee, my face looks longer,
Friends laughing at me, that I do look like a fox (狐狸精)

My friend, Mei Yan

My friends, Ben & Yin

It was fun looking them out of shapes
You will start laughing

My friend, Yin

People who don't like to have topping, you may order selfie coffee,
and request not to take selfie nor apply it on your coffee

You will regret, if you order selfie coffee without talking selfie or not apply it as your topping

Share with you a story,
this friend of mine, he regretted for not applied his selfie on his coffee,
at 1st I think he tried to be macho, after he watches us laughing with our own photos,
that's make so lots of fun, he told me he felt regret about it.
LOL! You know who you are ^0^


Yummy Foods!!!

They do serve mineral for free

They also serve non coffee, such as cold drinks & ice blended

Big Breakfast

Main courses as well

Of course, most of the cafe does serve desserts

Selfie Coffee Prices
RM13 - RM13.90

Love the concept, and how they used lights & rope as decoration, looks so unique

I do really love the place so much,
It's really a nice place for gathering or friends to hang out,
that night we chat & laugh non-stop, lots of joy.

So what are you waiting for?
Let's make your order at the counter
and share with me how's your selfie coffee looks like ^_^

Address:No. 41, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46510 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business hour:10 AM - 10 PM