Dragonfly Life Cycle

19 Oct 2014:

Today decided to write about dragonflies, but not about foods or trips.

Weird? Why?

1 night, when I was feeding my fishes, I notice some of my fish disappear. Besides, I saw few dragonflies's transformation skins around my fish tank.
(At 1st, I do not know their skin of dragonflies.)

After 2 days, I woke up early in the morning, and I saw there are 2 dragonflies in my room, one of it, it's just standing on top of a new transformation skin. It's surprising me, so I decided to YouTube about dragonflies. After I saw the video, I felt amazed by their transformations and life cycle, it's a new knowledge for me, but somehow I am sad that few of my fish are gone and dead :( My babies T.T