Sapone (Malacca)

31 August 2014:

Found a Soap Shop ~!!! One of my favorite shops to visit. Why?

Le me share with you, what can soap do?

  1. Body wash (head-to-toe)
  2. Collection
  3. Fragrance (in car, wardrobe, room, and etc.)
  4. Decoration
  5. Gifts

It's so surprising to me, nowadays there are soap for pets. I bought a small bag of Lemongrass soap fragrance, it can be placed in your car, wardrobe, or room, it also can be used for showering. It only cost me RM8, there are 4 mini soap in a small bag, you may refer as the image below:

Adorable? You may buy it as a gift as well ^_^ I bought few other soaps as a gift to my relatives too.

26 September 2014:

Guess what, this time I come to Melacca to work, before depart back to KL, I don't miss my chance of stopping by at Sapone, and bought a few soaps for myself, and a few for my friends as gifts ^_^

This shop is located at:

95, Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200 Malacca City, Malaysia

+6012 238 9919
+6012 6018677