(JPJ) Car License Malaysia 2014

05 August 2014:

What am I doing here early in the morning 8am?
I was at JPJ Cawangan Petaling Jaya at Jalan Sultan.

Most of them are open at:
HariWaktu Perkhidmatan KaunterRehatWaktu Perkhidmatan Kaunter
Isnin - Khamis7.45 pagi - 1.00 tengahari1.00 petang - 2.00 petang2.00 petang - 5.00 petang
Jumaat7.45 pagi - 12.15 tengahari12.15 tengahari - 2.45 petang2.45 petang - 5.00 petang
It's best you double check thru their website http://www.jpj.gov.my/selangor

The car license renews fee for 1 year is RM30.

If you lost your car license, don't get panic, just get to your nearest police station to make a report and pay RM2. Don't forget to bring along a photocopy of your IC.

As you can see, JPJ is open at 7:45am, and it's always full with people as usual, but the service nowadays surprised me. It's only taken me about 35 minutes to receive my new car license from the time I stepped into the JPJ.

Step 01: Queue to take your number.

Step 02: Wait for your turn.

Step 03: Pay as you request.

Step 04: Take your receipt and queue at the license process room.

Step 05: Wait for around 5 - 10 minutes, your name will be called to collect your new license.

Just 5 steps, and you receive your new license.

You may visit their website for other outlets' information.