Bihada Lesson 2014 at JR Le Beaute

03 August 2014:

I am invited to attend Bihada Lesson 2014 at JR Le Beaute. This lesson is very interesting, it's about how to pamper your face, are you using the correct methods for daily facial? Let's find out.

Facial Teacher: Alice

In the morning, you may start with step 1, and for evening/ after work, If you do apply any makeup, do remove it with makeup remover, and proceed with step 1.

Step 1:

Round 1 cleansing.

Step 2:
Round 2 cleansing Foam.

Everyone is enjoying ^_^

Step 2 cleansing foam, you are asked to make lots of bubbles,
then you gently apply them on your face.

Step 3:
Pour a little on facial cotton and softly tap on your face.

Step 4:
Massage (night time only)
You may apply it daily during the night

Step 5:
Milk Lotion/ Moisturizer

Toner/ Toning Lotion in big bottle
It can be used as a mask/ toner (Daily night time)

After using it for months, I found this brand of products do really suits me
It's really made my skin smoother, firmer & looks brighten.

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