Snow Or Coffee (S.O.C) Wangsa Maju

14 June 2014:

Today we came across S.O.C at Wangsa Maju.
What do S.O.C stand for? It's Snow Or Coffee, cute right? Such adorable, and creative name.

Look at their interior design. Such cozy, and comfortable environment for us to have a nice place for chit-chat/ dating ... hehehe ... good place for friends to have a tea time, it's also a nice place for guys to date a lady ^_~

We ordered their signature 'SOCagato', what makes it so special?

"Besides the obvious whipped cream on top, there are also pieces of chocolate at the base, supplying an enjoyable element of extra texture. Worthwhile for RM7.90, especially for affogato addicts."

I learned it from the link below, you can view more from the link below too:

Thank you.