Long Restaurant 龙兴煮炒 (Kota Bharu)

30 May 2014:

My family brought me here and introduced me this it's a fast serving Chinese cuisine restaurant in Kota Bharu, it's open only for dinner.

The morning hour, it's Kopitiam Sri Cemerlang, during the night time it's Long Restaurant.

We ordered their Kam Heong Fish fillet, oyster egg, Yun Choi soup, Today Special (Friday Special) Herbal Chicken and a pot of Chinese hot tea, cost us RM63 only and they really serve them fast; you don't have to wait for a long time.

After we had our dinner, we went to have a walk in KB Mall, met few of my secondary school mates, memorable moment, it's fun meeting you girls.

Long Restaurant
Mobile Number:
+60146026350 (李老板/ Mr.Lee - Boss)

Open: Evening - Night