TV Commercial Shooting at Putra Mahkota

23 April 2014:

This is my 2nd time experienced on TVC shooting

Met an old friend of mine, Calice and Zack Lee. Zack is such an entertainer, he can talk non-stop and keep making us laugh. Met some new friends too, Emily Tan (blogger and Crystal, Kenny, Anson, Jackie, Sky. It's fun to make new friends, social around with the people, but it's tiring for waited the whole night just to do the shooting.

We are known as extras for the shooting, and they have to arrive in Kota Damansara at 4.30pm and it's around 80 of them to take the bus to arrive Putra Mahkota. Luckily I am staying nearby, so I drove my own vehicle and arrive to the location at 6.30pm. Shooting started around 8pm, but it's not our turn yet.

It is a tough night of shooting, it's kept raining heavily on and off. The field gets wet, and the weather turn cold, end up we have to stand in the middle of a muddy field, and do our dance. Our turn started at 2am, imagine we waited for such a long time and we have to maintain our energetic attitudes and smile in front of the cameras. Guess what? The shooting ended 7am of the next morning. Phew ~ It's taken more than 12 hours to shoot a 5 minutes TV Commercial but the TVC still not done!!! There is another batch of extras to continue the TVC from 6.30pm to 12am (Day2). 

I feel sick because I was unwell before the night of shooting, and during the shooting, we did stand under the rain, I nearly faint during the shooting. Once I arrived home, I faster took my shower and go to bed, I was really exhausssssssssssssted (I am out of battery), and I slept almost a day, but it's a good experience.

Joanne Wee


  1. I must be proud being featured in your blog ^^
    yeah the stupid thing I did during travel to Kuching is that I took the towel from Tune Hotel
    as wehn checked in, I heard the girl at counter said can take it home
    so I brought it to my luggage bag and on the way to airport I asked others
    they told me that's are other things we can take but not towel, then I nearly fainted with the answer
    lol..not nice I was like a thief already...sigh
    I always day dreaming n blur xoxo

  2. I am glad by get to know you. Featuring you in my blog, it's my pleasure :)
    LOL ~ make mistakes without knowing the fault, it's ok;
    If you knew it but you do it, you are a thief ~ hehehe


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