Hotel Review: Holiday Villa Beach Resort (Cherating Vacation 2014)

Wooohooo ~ Vacation ~ Everyone gets excited, right?

On 07-08 April 2014 (2D1N):
I went for my sweet birthday vacation with my at Holiday Villa Beach Resort.

If you are a person who love beaches, white sand, quiet and relaxing environment. This is a right place to come, I love their relaxing scenery, wind, sand, beach, sky, water, sea shells, fresh air, almost everything.

Not everything?!
Why do I say so, because you need to beware of the sand mosquitoes and jellyfishes, and I was attacked by sand mosquitoes so It's better to prepare mosquitoes repellent and tiger balm. What's tiger balm for? If you are attacked by sand mosquitoes, apply them. Please do not scratch the red spots, the itchiness will get worse and attention to ladies, if you do not want your skin with scars, I repeat STOP SCRATCHING THEM. Besides that, stop taking eggs and seafoods, else you will keep feeling the itchiness will never end.

Malay Local Foods (Makanan Panas):
Looking for cheap and nice foods, you may consider to visit Warung D'Nie.

  • Foods: Nasi goreng, nasi lemak, ayam goreng, tom yam soup & etc.
  • Direction: Exit from the resort entrance make a left turn, within 1 to 2km away and it's at the opposite road.

Another place to visit:
If you want to know the circle of turtle mating and laying eggs, you are at the right place! You can see many baby turtles here and also some turtles, you may pay a visit to the Turtle Sanctuary.


  1. nice place!
    I have been to Cherating before but never stay at this hotel
    yup...thanks for your advice
    I will look for those sand bug
    so scary every time I look at your leg

    1. Which hotel you were staying in? Is it nice ? You may share it with me.
      Just have to remember to bring mosquitoes repellent as standby :)


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