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Escape Room (Game)

13 February 2014:

!!! ~ ~ ~ ESCAPE ROOM ~ ~ ~ !!!
I was invited by a friend, name Wenny, joined them to play games in Escape Room, Setiwalk. I didn't know that they are going to the scary Crime Scene: The Homicide Unit (Level 4) and it's my very 1st time (Panic ~!!! I was so nervous !!!).

CRIME SCENE: THE HOMICIDE UNITYou are the captain of an elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts. You and your team have been called into investigating a homicide case at a glamorous estate building, after the murderer responsible effectively covered his tracks to baffle the police force. However, after hearing that you are on the verge of exposing his identity; he has set out to trap and eliminate you completely. You and your team have 45 minutes to gather the evidence needed to expose the killer’s identity, while figuring out a way to escape from the brilliant murder’s fatal grasp, or suffer an unthinkable fate. PRICE PER PERSON (WEEKEND AND PUBLIC HOLIDAY):RM 36.00 PRICE PER…