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Melacca Trip (Company Trip) 2011

20 Sept 2011:

It was a 2D1N Melacca Company Trip from 1 of my ex company, thanks to the boss and lady boss.

On the Friday night, my ex colleagues and I went overnight at our boss's house so the next morning on Saturday, we took breakfast together and then departed to Melacca by car.

Around 3pm, we arrive at A Formosa apartment, it's a simple bungalow, some of the facilities are spoilt, such as lights, door cannot be locked, but nothing stops us having fun. There are 4 - 5 rooms, 2 toilets in the apartment, and a very big hall.

Guess what? They got a small pool; as long there is a pool, is my favorite activities. We dropped our luggages in our rooms and the guys started to BBQ and the girls changed and jump into the pool.

For the girls, we are really enjoying our life, after we took our shower, the food are ready; there are sausages, vegetables, chicken wings, beef, lamb steaks, and abalones. We do help a little due to the guys are very gentlemen ^_^.

After the meal, we started playi…