Tips: What to do during MCO?

It's been days after Movement Controlled Order in our country implemented and I guess this is now the time to start getting back on my blog (Sorry, been neglecting it for quite some time).

So, I've been working from home before the MCO announced. There is quite some 'me time' for the self-talk and thinking about what and how I can be better.

These are the things that I have tried when I stay at home: 

1. Learn/ Study  - Soapmaking   - Improve videos skills (JoVV金狮猫 is my new Gaming Youtube Channel)
  - Improve Adobe Photoshop skills   - Improve marketing skills (Join webinar, read more articles)   - Save money (Monthly create an excel file for records. This is how I usually manage my finances, and it works perfectly)
2. Tidy home/ room  - Donate unwanted clothes   - Throw away expired cosmetics   - Rearrange furniture
3. Get lean, not skinny
  - Eat healthily (Keto diet)
  - Indoor exercises (FigureRobics or Tabata Workouts)

4. A Healthy Lifestyle
  - Sleep 6 to 8 hours per day (Nowa…

Carlsberg Provides a Safer Learning Environment for 1 Million Students Amid COVID-19

All applications for Carlsberg Malaysia’s Safer Schools campaign to receive thermometers, with disinfection services for all schools within COVID-19 “red zones”
SHAH ALAM, 22 April 2020 – When the Movement Control Order (MCO) is finally lifted, parents and teachers of an estimated 1 million schoolchildren can breathe a sigh of relief as Carlsberg Malaysia has expanded its Safer Schools contribution to cover all applications, providing safer and worry-free learning environments when classes resume.

As of the final submission date on 15 April, Carlsberg Malaysia received approximately 1,660 applications from both Chinese and Tamil schools. To accommodate all requests, the brewer has increased its donation of handheld thermometers to 3,600 units covering every eligible school with two or more thermometers each.

From this number, 680 Chinese and Tamil schools falling within designated COVID-19 “red zones” have been prioritized for additional disinfection services in high-risk areas within th…

OYO empowers women to travel solo

I am a person who loves to travel! What about you?

In conjunction with International’s Women's Day, OYO Malaysia is celebrating women who are expressing their strength, determination and a keen sense of adventure through solo travel.
Tan Ming Luk, Country Head, OYO Hotels Malaysia shared, “As a company that’s committed to making travel safe, affordable and accessible to everyone, we celebrate and support every woman who feels empowered to embrace solo travel. In 2020, solo travel among women is expected to see further growth, with 80% of women travellers choosing to travel solo[1]. At OYO, we want to offer the best options for women when it comes to hospitality for their solo travel experiences. We are always delighted to hear positive findings of Malaysia as a destination of choice for women, for example, that we are the world’s most welcoming country for solo female Muslim travellers[2].”
Let’s hear from five adventurous women who have embraced solo travel, and learn tips they have…

Ryoshi Signature Japanese Cuisine at affordable prices @ Atria Gallery

Kon'nichiwa (こんにちは) Hello!

Yes! If you are a Japanese Cuisine lover or a food lover, you are on the right page.
Ryoshi Signatureis serving Premium Japanese Cuisine at affordable prices!

The ambiance at Ryoshi Signatureis simple, quiet and relaxing. Life is not just about work, home, sleep 🤔 Basically yes, but ...... It can be more colourful with friends, family, and delicious food. Eating with my friends makes me happy, that is obvious why I gain some weight 😄

Here come the foods

Hako Kani Salad RM25.00
Hako Crab Salad

Gyutan Misoni RM13.00
Braised Ox Tongue with Miso
"According to my friend, Jas Lam, she said it's delicious. I didn't try this due to I don't eat beef. If you are a person who loves Ox Tongue, you should try it."

Hakusai Buta Nabe (1-2 pax) RM28.00 Cabbage & Pork Hot-Pot with Udon Soup Base

Hakusai Buta Nabe (1-2 pax) RM28.00 Cabbage & Pork Hot-Pot with Udon Soup Base ❤️ "Both soups are delicious just the way they are. Udon Base Soup is refreshi…

KOJO Mixed Enzymes | Shaneo KOJO ENZYME | Helps To Detox And Increase Metabolism

Basically, you know me as a Blogger/ Youtuber/ Influencer. I am working full-time and freelance as a Multimedia Designer. Nowadays, most of us work more than 1 job, agree? With so many workloads and housework, we do not even have time for exercise, to a facial saloon, or gym and etc.

As mentioned, I work full-time and freelance, freelance means we work from home; work after a full-time job. Work as freelance affects my weight due to lack of sleep, it reflects my health and skin condition because 1 relates another. That makes me frustrated until I discover something amazing recently and it changes me, and I would love to share with all of you!

It called KOJO Mixed Enzymes, the enzyme is very important for our whole-body systems, I get interested in it because it's 100% all-natural, and certified plant-based mixed digestive enzymes.

Let me share you some information about KOJO Mixed Enzymes

The Benefits
Help to detox.Help to absorb the nutrients from food & drinks.Help the body in br…

D' Munch Kitchen 豬多飽 @ Petalz Residences, Old Klang Road

Hey Hey ~ It's been a while, I was busy with works, and now I am back!

If you are a pork lover, you are on the right page!

It's a must for you to visit D'Munch Kitchen (豬多飽)D'Munch Kitchen is a Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, which is located at Petalz Residences, Old Klang Road. The parking is FREE, all you need to bring along is your ID Card for the record.

I love the way how they serve me drinks, it's in a bowl, I find it's cute and unique.

Today I tried the food listed below

D'Munch Lor BakRM10 ❤️ "I am a person who seldom eats Lor Bak, and I find thisis delicious"

Bok Choy/ Choy Sum Start from RM8
"Bak Choy and Choy Sum are common dishes but it's best to have vegetable serve with pork to balance your meal intakes."

Vinegar Pork TrottersRM15 ❤️ "HmmMmm...Yummy! I love it" Must Try

Braised Pork & Innards RM15 ❤️ "Gosh! This is nice! My bf loves it so much" Must Try